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Get Satisfaction & Uservoice alternative

Companies rely on feedback in order to improve their products and services, with the goal of gaining 100% customer satisfaction. UserVoice and Get Satisfaction are two of the most popular services that help with customer satisfaction, today we’re looking at alternatives.

Uservoice and Get Satisfaction can be a little pricy for smaller businesses, so here are some free alternatives that come with a few great features:

UserEcho – The free features that come with this service include the ability to have a single forum, a1 official representative, admin control, and the ability to embed YouTube videos into your site. These are more than enough for a new or small business.

FeatureSet – You get a pretty decent set of features with the free version, including all kinds of social networking features, forums, blogs, and the like. One great thing with this service is that you don’t have to furnish them with a credit card to get started.

Zoho Discussions – One of the coolest features that come with the free version is the ability to integrate with the ever popular Google apps. You are also given a forum, a single moderator, and a number of other great features for free.

Bubble Ideas – Don’t just send and receive regular e-mails, but custom designed mailings that will definitely catch the eye.

The following services are totally free:

Idea Informer – Easy to use, but incredibly valuable. All that you need to do is fill out a short form and watch as a widget is created to place on your website. From there, customers can place their ideas and feedback into the widget.

OSQA – Open source software has always been popular, but OSQA takes that a step further by delivering a truly interactive Q&A application that encourages customers to leave feedback by awarding points for their participation.

Askbot – Another piece if software that allows you to create a great looking Q&A page, as well as delivering e-mail integration; Users can choose to receive e-mail updates as regularly as they wish.

Shapado – This is an application that delivers all of the standard features that you would expect from Q&A software, but one of the real benefits that companies will love is the ability to monetize the application.

Question2Answer – While many Q&A applications only work as standalone sites, Question2Answer can be integrated with existing websites on WordPress and more.

LampCMS – This Q&A application can be integrated with the likes of Facebook, Tumblr, Google, Twitter, and many more.

OpenMind – A very nice looking Q&A application that allows you to really get a handle on what your customers are after. You can even add surveys into the mix if you wish.

VoxPopuli – This is actually a commercial application, but they do offer a light version that has more than you will ever really need.



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  1. kradzioch says:

    Feedback from customers is incredibly important. If you build your website just for yourself you are really limited on what you will be able to do with it. By finding out what’s important to your customers you can meet their individual needs and satisfy them so that they keep coming back for more.


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