What Is Idea Management All About Anyway?

The other night, I sat across from a friend who was rambling about a new project at work. Her eyes were wild and her hand gestures signaled that she was in fact, very stressed. You see, my friend is at the lower end of a company, wanting to make her way up the ladder. Her

The Amazing Thing About Bad Ideas

It’s with great pleasure that for this guest Blog post, we have the excellent Nicole Williams from TechMarketer.org providing some insight about ‘Bad Ideas’….are they really Bad?? Check it out There’s a well known cliche, often cited in brainstorming sessions, that there’s “no such thing as a bad idea”. Unfortunately that’s not true, there’s plenty

Conquer your Industry with amazing Ideas from employees

Conquer Your Industry With Amazing Ideas From Employees All businesses want to grow in one way or another whether it be to increase revenue or expand their product line. Everyone has an opinion on how something should be done or done better. The owner of a company is just one individual and while they might

My target? “I pulled it out of a hat”

If you’ve ever worked in a corporate environment or had anything to do with sales you won’t be surprised to hear that ‘sales targets’ are often pulled out of a hat. Really? Yes, really. Okay, not always, some may work for a multi-national and are expected to produce a designated number, despite having little appreciation

Wisdom of the crowd & that means employees too.

If you do time in the business world you’ve certainly been exposed to the hype of how harnessing the voice of internal and external stakeholders can help create new ideas and help organizations reinvent themselves. In fact, the statement, “the wisdom of the crowd,” continues to gain traction thanks to the high profile of open-sourcing,

Killer of change? ‘Idiot policy’

I wasn’t surprised when I discovered that the word Policy is derived from the French word Police. With a penchant for embracing change my consequential run-ins with the corporate police was to be expected. The good times! It’s true existing policy reflects a great deal of organizational learning, but the reality is that stagnant policy

Core values is the answer.

10 years ago I could be found on stage at conferences evangelizing a principles-based approach to the delivery of IT projects, Agile Project Management. I thought the market was ready, but a lot of the leaders were openly cynical. After living, working and travelling in the USA, Japan, India and Africa I felt that New

Daring Greatly – ‘The Man In The Arena’

Along the journey I picked up some wisdom about the necessity of participating in life. It came in the form of a simple analogy. When one enters a gymnasium they choose whether to go out on the court to play or alternatively make ones way up the bleacher steps and observe the activities from afar.

Good Deeds, precursor to bad behavior? ‘Licensing Effect’

I had a recent chat with somebody who was blatantly lying to me. The ease in which he flung lie after lie into the conversation stupefied me, particularly as his words cascaded from a moral high ground of divinity. I quietly questioned his behavior and wondered if this was the embodiment of the “licensing effect.”

Your eulogy will shape your career

I’m not sure if anybody has mentioned this to you lately, but you will die. What a morbid way to start a blog. My objective is not to depress you, but to inspire you to live your life with intention. Starting with the end game in mind may provide you with some real insight in