About HunchBuzz idea management software

We believe in three fundamental concepts; collaboration, innovation, and efficiency.

Born in New Zealand from the need to provide better idea management software, we develop software that incorporates these three pillars of success to help businesses thrive. For its size New Zealand has one of the most innovative marketplaces in the world, and the HunchBuzz software enables organisations from all over the world, large or small, to innovate and grow from a market-oriented perspective. We believe that engaging stakeholders on every level and empowering and connecting employees is the best way for organisations to optimise utilisation. We are always looking for new partners to help spread the buzz; no one is too big or small to work with. We just focus on building software that works.


A little about our product

As a business you most certainly understand the power of employee and consumer feedback. Feedback and ideas are the bread and butter of any organisation because it is direct from the people who matter the most. With that in mind imagine having a simple, yet powerful, virtual community that seamlessly integrates organisation-wide collaboration with all of your social platforms and website becomes a great asset. HunchBuzz is a conduit for you to offer your customers, employees, partners and other stakeholders the opportunity to be heard. You can manage your community feedback from anywhere, any place, anytime!


Check out our product features and how our software works here.


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