Why use Idea Management Software?


Idea Management can often seem like a big concept, with many definitions on what it actually is, and how it works spanning the internet. Companies often determine what Idea Management is to them and how it helps their strategy, but more often than not, Idea Management can be pushed aside and ignored.


What companies don’t realize, is that Idea Management Software is simply a tool that can reap benefits for their organization if they know how to use it.


What a software like Hunchbuzz does, is provide the tool to begin your organization’s innovation journey, in order to gain insight and allow growth. There are three benefits that Hunchbuzz strongly espouses, and they are improved employee engagement, business/process improvement and employee driven innovation.


Idea Management is more than just a concept, it is the beginning to greater success for your company. Think of using Idea management software as an updated, modern day way of managing, where your team can help generate ideas beyond one particular sector in your company.


The three benefits of Idea Management Software


Improved Employee Engagement

Studies over the years have shown that improving the engagement of your employees gives your organization a crucial competitive advantage – allowing higher productivity levels and lower employee turnover. But before we get into that, we need to focus on what Employee engagement really is.

Simply, employee engagement is the relationship between an organization and its employees, causing them to feel enthusiastic and committed to their daily work. It all stems down to one thing – happiness.

If your employees are happy with their work, and feel as if they are part of the organization and not disposable, they will feel more invested in the success of the company. This causes them to work for the organization’s mission, and want to support the strategy and brand they work for.

To do this, organizations need to make employees feel as if they are being heard, and to ensure that their ideas aren’t being pushed aside. What software like Hunchbuzz allows, is for people to generate and share their ideas with the entire organization, instead of feeling restricted to their particular sector. Others will have the opportunity to discuss and help evolve these ideas, which builds on collaboration and morale.

By feeling as if they are heard, and having a say in what the company does, the employees are – you guessed it – happy. This improves how they engage with the organization and the benefits go beyond individual staff.

Robert Half states that 61% of employees are more likely to leave their position if they did not feel engaged. Yet those who are dedicated, and engaged in their work are 87% less likely to leave their jobs.

The benefits don’t just stop there, employee engagement using idea management software also:

-Increases productivity: engaged employees often become the top performers, who want to achieve success for their business. As their motivation increases, their productivity increases too.

-Retention and recruitment: retaining good employees builds a strong team and creates loyalty. Satisfied employees are more likely to stay, which then increases the ability to hire others to work for the company with the same ethics.

-Innovation – engaged employees work at a higher level, which inspires them to be more creative in their work. Creativity leads to new innovations, and they will strive to efficiently create new products or ideas, as well as helping others to develop theirs.


Idea Management software is a key tool to making your workplace a positive, innovative environment, but it is up to the organization to take the steps for improvement.


Business/Process Improvement

The Business Dictionary states that Business/Process Improvement (BPI) is, “Improving quality, productivity, and response time of a business process, by removing non-value adding activities and costs through incremental enhancements”.

These long definitions provided on the internet are helpful in knowing what a term is, but they do not explain the benefits that come by wanting to see improvement within the processes that run your organisation.

Business/Process development goes beyond statistics and analysis of processes, and focuses on something that companies often forget about – the background information. If things aren’t running smoothly in a part of your organization, BPI allows you to see where things are going wrong.

After all, if one part of the organization is lacking then that may lead to unhappy employees who feel as if they wasting resources and time. It is your team, and the way they are working that determines the success and functionality of your company.


Let’s look at the steps of BPI:

Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 5.07.04 AM

All of the steps involved all come back to the one thing we discussed earlier – the background. If your staff are not coping well, or an area in your organization is lacking, then BPI helps highlight the areas that need work and adjust to the workflow when they may not be obvious at first glance.

What Idea Management software does, is it makes the Business/Process Improvement easier, and more accessible to everyone in the organization. You are able to see the way processes are being run by staff, and they are able to highlight areas that they are unhappy with. The steps outlined are some of the main functions you will go through in using a software like Hunchbuzz.

This software allows you to see areas in which they need work, give you a space to discuss the issues, and using the knowledge and ideas of others, creating a solution that works with the strategy of the company.


Using Idea Management software makes it easier to improve your business, as well as getting a wide range of ideas and solutions for problems within your organisation as part of a Business Improvement process.


Employee Driven Innovation

Some people may question the concept behind Idea Management Software and wonder how ideas from front line employees beyond their field can be of help. That’s where Employee Driven Innovation comes in.

Employee Driven Innovation is when ideas and solutions are from employees who go beyond the boundaries of their primary job, in order to help other areas in their company. This means that ideas are being generated outside particular departments, from people who do not know as much as those within their field, in order to get a fresh perspective from people who are not working in a specific department on a daily basis.

All types of Ideas and  are accepted, and everything is considered. So why do people find it hard to deal with employee driven innovation?

It all comes down to the challenge of convincing managers and employees within a particular field that there are more solutions than they can come up with themselves. This says nothing about the skill of employees and managers, but rather, it is opening up the question to those who do not spend their time thinking about the issues on hand who can be open, as fostering a culture of collaboration is key.

Idea Management software allows people to communicate these ideas using a platform, rather than feeling as if they cannot say anything if they are not working with the managers or employees in that field. The idea is to get the innovation process started, without hierarchy of positions getting in the way.

Other benefits for employee driven innovation include greater job satisfaction and a higher retention rate, as they are given a voice which proves they are being valued. People will feel as if they are part of a team, which leads to happiness and engagement in the workplace.

Using people outside of their immediate department also builds trust as well as company morale and loyalty, as everyone is working together to show support and provide stimulation for innovative ideas.

Employee engagement, Business/Process Innovation and Employee Driven Innovation are just a few of the benefits of using Idea Management Software. Hunchbuzz aims for companies to collaborate, innovate and to become efficient, which leads to a stronger, happier team.

Jenni Guzman is resident writer at HunchBuzz.

For more information about HunchBuzz or Idea Management Software, please contact neil.meekin@hunchbuzz.com


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