Creating Physical Workspaces For Collaboration and Ideas

A lot of people have heard of ‘creative’ workplaces, such as Pixar and Google, that boast exciting work environments for collaboration that stimulate their employees. With common cafe areas and unique styled furniture, these offices are unique to the company that created it. These places are known for not only their quirky work area, but

The Power of Ideas for Business Improvement

The Power of Ideas For Business Improvement  In 2014, Guy Kawasaki, an American marketing specialist, gave an inspirational Ted Talk about the Art of Innovation. Within the first two minutes of his speech, he states that innovation begins with the desire to ‘make meaning.’ What Kawasaki means by this, is that every person should have

Conquer your Industry with amazing Ideas from employees

Conquer Your Industry With Amazing Ideas From Employees All businesses want to grow in one way or another whether it be to increase revenue or expand their product line. Everyone has an opinion on how something should be done or done better. The owner of a company is just one individual and while they might

My target? “I pulled it out of a hat”

If you’ve ever worked in a corporate environment or had anything to do with sales you won’t be surprised to hear that ‘sales targets’ are often pulled out of a hat. Really? Yes, really. Okay, not always, some may work for a multi-national and are expected to produce a designated number, despite having little appreciation

Idea Management a Modern Approach to Innovation

Innovation is one of the hardest to manage and most necessary elements in modern business. Idea management is a new concept that is bringing employees, customers and management together in an attempt to keep business on the cutting edge. In this article, we will look at Internal Idea Management. That is how to solicit, sort

Crowdsourcing Innovation

The recent economic down turn has made many organizations look at the way in which they do business, especially when it comes to developing and launching new products to market. Most of these companies thought nothing of spending millions in the research and development of such products, knowing that they could just tag a few

Customer Feedback Management

For any business it’s important to ensure the needs of their customers will be understood; every question, suggestion, comment, and complaint should be checked and answered accordingly. An online service has been made to ensure that businesses can guarantee customer satisfaction, so-called CFM or Customer Feedback Management Services. CFM services are cloud-based applications which enable