Conquer your Industry with amazing Ideas from employees


Conquer Your Industry With Amazing Ideas From Employees

All businesses want to grow in one way or another whether it be to increase revenue or expand their product line. Everyone has an opinion on how something should be done or done better. The owner of a company is just one individual and while they might have some great ideas, they cannot be the sole source to continue growth. Here are some things to keep in mind when asking others for suggestions.



Establish The Scenario

Employers looking to get new ideas from their staff need to explain what they want new ideas about. Asking staff to just come up with new ideas without any prompts likely will result in a bunch of blank stares and/or ideas about unrelated things. While a lot of ideas can be gathered this way there is a more efficient way. Let everyone know that ideas are being sought for a specific task or project. This way when the ideas start flowing everyone is on topic and they can be grouped together. This makes the decision making process much easier in determining which ones to put in place.

Categorized By Topic

When it comes to grouping together ideas together they need to be organized so that everyone understands where in the process their idea is. Some ideas originate from customers while other ideas will come from staff members. However the ideas are broken down, they need to be subdivided into even smaller tasks of actionable items. This way it is a whole lot easier to divide resources, including time and money, during consideration.

Provide Immediate Feedback To Everybody

Accept new ideas from all employees regardless of their status in the company. This can include part time temporary workers all the way up the chain to senior management. Make sure to establish a culture which encourages idea contributions from everyone. Regardless of where the idea originate from, immediate feedback should be provided. Specifically, from someone high up in the company such as a senior manager, CEO, or president.

When providing feedback it is perfectly okay to challenge them and point out that their idea might be biased. An idea that benefits one segment of the company but negatively affects another segment requires careful consideration. Make a note of their original idea, but also ask them to refine the idea and come back with an improved version which may benefit everyone.

Encourage all employees to submit new ideas on how to improve the business both for customers and their peers. Many times this requires idea generation prompts leading to actions which can be applied in a specific area. These ideas can come from anywhere and should be categorized and refined to not benefit only a small group. Be sure to keep these stages in mind at all times for a culture of innovation.

This guest post for HunchBuzz was written by Frank Laughlin. An innovator and adventurer at heart, Frank is committed to providing unique ways of inspiring ideas, sparking creativity and encouraging problem solving. As creator of ideas2apply , Frank encourages creative thinking via the exploration of topics from multiple angles. When not generating new and unique ways to help young minds explore and grow, Frank cultivates his need for adventure through frequent visits to theme parks, sports venues, and instrumental music performances.

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