Do ideation and idea management tools really create innovation?

They don’t, not by themselves at least. Innovation tools such as HunchBuzz are no different from a piece of paper, the possibilities are endless. Idea Management tools enable the process to happen.

I was in a meeting with a client the other day who asked how our platform would create innovation within their organisation; as to ask how our tool could change the world. It can’t and it never will, unless the tool is used and abused by the organisation.

By used an abused I mean; whoever takes control or ownership of the platform needs to experiment, create a system which they understand how it works and develop policies that underpin the success criteria.

Innovation success does not happen overnight; it may take months even years but what really keeps innovation alive is trial and error. This is why we work with our clients to understand what their key issues are and how they can utilise their platform better. Of course clients can simply buy our product and use it how they wish without even picking up the phone.

We often see some customers struggle at first but through trial and error success is always achieved. This does not mean we haven’t built an adequate product, just that they haven’t taken the time to get to understand what the purpose of our tool.

Take a step back …

Our approach may not be the “be all and end all,” I am always looking at how we perform and refining the process.  From personal experiences I have found the best approach is to define the success criteria first. Then work back to the start point, this will help anyone wanting to innovate to understand the situation and what steps need to be taken. There’s no off-the-shelf approach to ideation and innovation management; this is why we don’t have an off the shelf product.

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  1. val yenko says:

    I think that innovation is definitely created by ideation and idea management tools. They go hand-in-hand in creating something much bigger than the sum of all of its parts.


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