idea management softwareI get asked this question on a weekly basis; I also get told that idea management is an invaluable tool. It’s interesting to see other people’s perspectives on idea management, and why it’s so important.

Simply put idea management software is just a tool, anyone can have tools, but without the correct management the tools are useless.

We provide these tools, but what makes us different from our competition? Not a lot really, other than the fact we offer a different user experience. Our product is great, and so are our competitors. But we’re not here to talk about why you should choose us; rather that Idea management is vital to the success of any ideation process.

Idea Management Buy-In
Getting buy-in is key, whether it’s from your employees, customers or staff. But here’s the tricky part; how do we achieve buy in?

Frankly, this is not something I am going to answer for you, just because it requires so many different angles. What I can say is consultation is key; ask yourself why you want to manage ideas and who is going to submit them.

There are many methods for managing ideas internally and externally, but it all depends on your organisation, and the demographics of the user. We will look into demographics and the ethos of your organisation late, for now we will look why we need it.

Why Idea Management is important
How do you capture insights about your organisation?
How do you learn what your customers really want?
How do you identify quick wins that can vastly improve your organisation?
How do you communicate with your employees and customers?

Idea management is vital because its a lean, affordable and proven technique to create an inclusive culture, that is prosperous and is ready to grow. Without Idea Management, you are missing out on vital insights about your organisation.

Busting the Myths about Innovation Management Software:

Top 5 misconceptions about idea management software:

8 Responses to Idea management software, what is it, why do we need it?

  1. So i will think these are the best Management software camponies out there that are reliable and will do the job? thank you for sharing because if one decide that they want expand or need fresh ideas for their busines, these componey will provide good service to get you there. One more thing does this apply on small businesses too?

  2. mylene rose says:

    Thanks for this very informative article! I must admit that I really have no idea that it could be helpful for online business owners. Now that I’m planning to bring my business online to gather more prospects and clients, I need a website that will truly work for the best of my business. Now I know that idea management software can be very beneficial for me. Hopefully, I find the best company to help me start with it.

  3. Great article, We often struggle with innovation as idea’s are passed over email lots of the time. I think we are going to try one or maybe a few different solutions with the idea management software you have managed as im sure it will be quicker and more powerful than email.

  4. kradzioch says:

    I am new to this website as of today and having a look around trying to figure out how things work.. this looks pretty interesting so far. Thanks for all the links above. I could really use some major work on my idea management and organization skills as well.

  5. James Swann says:

    Cool! This is super informative. Thanks for all the great posts…Hmmm very interesting content. Learning something new here all the time. I like that!

  6. Usha Kumar says:

    Just browsing through the internet for media and idea management and came across your page! Loving what I see here so far. Good work!

  7. Idea management software is almost like having a second brain working over time to help keep your ideas straight and to also develop them. We can do this ourselves of course, but when you have access to a powerful software program that can assist the natural process, why not take advantage of it and get ahead of your competition?

  8. Coralee Smith says:

    Love the blog 🙂 HunchBuzz is amazing so far and I hope to see more articles like this one. You explained it well 🙂


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