Your eulogy will shape your career

I’m not sure if anybody has mentioned this to you lately, but you will die. What a morbid way to start a blog. My objective is not to depress you, but to inspire you to live your life with intention. Starting with the end game in mind may provide you with some real insight in

Moving too fast to develop strategy, are you kidding?

At work, every action we take or decision we make effectively supports strategy, whether it is the organizational direction or an individual’s personal agenda. Dean and author, Roger Martin said, “When I ask business executives about their company’s strategy — or about an apparent lack thereof — they often respond that they can’t or won’t

I’m ready for a little MOOC!

Universities are smack in the middle of the ‘disruptive business model’ pathway. One component that is bound to impact the existing post secondary (tertiary) model is this thing called MOOC (Massive Open Online Course). Although I have been exposed to the model for some time, this week will be my first time participating in an

‘Innovation’ overused but critical

Is ‘Innovation’ simply an overused, catchall buzzword that suppliers have latched onto to effectively position themselves with prospective clients? Perhaps there is some truth here, but isn’t innovation essential for survival? Therefore an innovation strategy would seem fundamental for ongoing success, yet there aren’t a lot of signs that they exist? There are those who

Adapt or die

I read somewhere that the only sustainable competitive advantage is to learn faster than your competition. In the classic sense of ‘disruptive forces’ I refer to Clayton Christensen’s view of the market. Disruptive innovation, a term coined by Clayton Christensen, describes a process by which a product or service takes root initially in simple applications

Healthy staff leads to success and innovation

What’s the most important asset of an organisation? It’s easy to think of the Intellectual Property an organisation possesses, or the processes and systems that enable an organisation to differentiate itself. There is no doubt that these organizational attributes are critical to success. Nevertheless I reflect on the question, “How important are those human beings

Idea management software, what is it, why do we need it?

I get asked this question on a weekly basis; I also get told that idea management is an invaluable tool. It’s interesting to see other people’s perspectives on idea management, and why it’s so important. Simply put idea management software is just a tool, anyone can have tools, but without the correct management the tools

Citizensourcing involves people in what affects them most

MEDIA RELEASE For immediate release 17 September 2013 Citizensourcing involves people in what affects them most Citizensourcing software, which puts organisations in touch with people but with more control than social media, is being released by leading social innovation platform HunchBuzz. Citizensourcing is a new wave in engagement tools available to central government, local bodies,

The Benefits of Open Innovation

Open innovation is the life blood of many corporations. Instead of relying only on the capital and assets within the company, they can tap into the immeasurable assets if the entire world. This combination creates an atmosphere of sustainable progress, and is great for shareholders and customers alike. One of the greatest benefits of open

Crowdsourcing the mind through open innovation

We have technology so advanced that we can search the world and give us the answers we desire in milliseconds, but what if the answers aren’t available yet? We have search engine technology that enables us to search text, images, video and even shapes. Yet if we want to find out something that someone else