Idea Management a Modern Approach to Innovation

Innovation is one of the hardest to manage and most necessary elements in modern business. Idea management is a new concept that is bringing employees, customers and management together in an attempt to keep business on the cutting edge. In this article, we will look at Internal Idea Management. That is how to solicit, sort

Crowdsourcing Innovation

The recent economic down turn has made many organizations look at the way in which they do business, especially when it comes to developing and launching new products to market. Most of these companies thought nothing of spending millions in the research and development of such products, knowing that they could just tag a few

Listening to Your Employees through Surveys

People are the foundation of an organization and  cannot run a business without employees. In every organization, employees are the most valuable assets that should be given much importance. Without them an organization will not run successfully. Human resource is the core of every business as it is the one that finds the right person

What is Gamification?

The application of the mechanics and techniques of games to non-game related contexts is called gamification. The basic thinking behind the process of gamification is to encourage participation of people in certain events. Another definition of the word would be the achieving of goals, mainly getting the attention of people, using a set of metric-based

Crowdsourcing – Welcome to the Future

Back in 2006, Jeff Howe came up with the word “crowdsourcing” as a term for a new way of hiring people. In reality, it’s not new at all, but we’ll get to that in a minute. Crowdsourcing has been praised as a way to give workers unlimited flexibility and condemned as a new way to

Innovation success

The word ‘innovation’ has been bandied about for decades. At no time since the advent of the Corporation has innovation been more critical for the ongoing success of existing organisations, particularly when it comes to the flow of sustainable business. Nevertheless, it is often hard to find an ethos of innovation within organisations. The innovation

Disruption the Innovators Dilemma

Clayton Christensen was talking about disruption in 1997 in his book Innovators Dilemma. Everything seemed so sweet in the 1990s, growth continued to climb in double digits, Microsoft’s stock was doubling every other month and we became accustomed to this lovely linear growth pattern.

Crowdsourcing city development

In this world, it is sometimes difficult to get the big cities off the ground. For cities like Detroit, bringing back that old life, what made it once the bustling and attractive city it once was, is a necessity. IDEO is one company that is trying to breathe life back into these cities by adding

Customer Feedback Management

For any business it’s important to ensure the needs of their customers will be understood; every question, suggestion, comment, and complaint should be checked and answered accordingly. An online service has been made to ensure that businesses can guarantee customer satisfaction, so-called CFM or Customer Feedback Management Services. CFM services are cloud-based applications which enable