crowdsourcingCrowdsourcing is the process of gaining required services, information, content or ideas through contribution solicitations from a group of people – usually done online – instead of asking for contributions from suppliers or employees.

Crowdsourcing is a wide ranging term and is used for several different purposes. In most cases it is used for fundraising projects or for starting up charities and small companies. The general idea of this funding process is to combine the voluntary efforts offered by part-time workers or volunteers. The notion is for each individual to contribute a small amount, which when gathered will result in substantial enough funding for specific projects.

Crowdsourcing is not the same as a regular outsourcing process because it is a process of dealing with a problem through outsourcing to an unspecific public instead of to a specific group or company.

Wonder How Crowdsourcing Works?

Crowdsourcing is simple. You gather a group of people that share a common interest and then you utilize their skills or ask for their financial support. Both asking for donations and using volunteers to complete work are essential factors that make crowdsourcing a very useful method for any project.

Brainstorming is one of the easiest to complete actions when there are people working together for a common cause. After brainstorming and specific plans have been discussed and agreed upon, crowdsourcing has reached half of its purpose. The next half deals mostly with getting to the financial side of the project and putting it all together to reach the goal.

In some cases, the very same people used for the brainstorming and the volunteer work will also be the same ones that will offer their own contributions. In some cases, a specific project may require larger sources of funds and the need to look for philanthropists becomes a much better option.

Seeking the rich people who love contributing to charity work by donating their money is another way of how crowdsourcing is utilized. By getting the funds, the project is becomes closer to its completion and crowdsourcing has served its purpose well.

Crowdsourcing is also useful for gathering ideas, opinions or approvals. For example, a writer who wants to make sure that his literary work is ready for publishing may require the assistance of other people aside from just his editor reading the book. This is crowdsourcing because the author is then asking for readers’ ideas regarding the book, opinions, or if there are parts to be edited. If there are enough people that offer positive feedback, the book is closer to being published.

Crowdsourcing is not a new concept. It is a process that has been done for many centuries and it will continue to be done in the future. People have been crowdsourcing before and sometimes maybe not even realizing it. The term may be new but the concept is as old as the traditions and cultures that shape the regions of the world.

If you are still wondering as to how crowdsourcing can work for you, just try to ask a few people about their definition of the term. The initial request is already the first part of crowdsourcing.

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