staff motivationI do, but only from a perspective from the society I have been bought up in. Even then I’m making assumptions that only fit 75% of the population. What truly motivates employees to provide new ideas consist of many different elements. Before we look at what motivates employees, we need to look at the demographics of the person. What country are they in? Were they bought up in that country? are they part of any sub cultures within their community? What is their relationship to the organisations? Are they new to the business?

These are some of the questions that you need to ask about your employees before you even consider to gather feedback. I remember at university arguing how Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs was inadequate, we needed something like Alderfer’s ERG theory. And till this day I still find it hard to give an out of the box reason what motivates people.

 I hope you’re not expecting me to give you the answers from here on in, it’s a journey and we have only just begun.

Culture, family life, upbringing, social status, gender are all part of what makes us different. This difference is what makes us unique and amazing. But to figure out which one of these aspects drive motivation; is a hard task. We could easily assume that a cash reward is good enough; everyone want’s money, so it’s a good assumption that cash will do the job.

What amount of cash do we need to offer to get a result? How many people have entered and what are the odds? It’s all relative; if someone doesn’t feel they will get rewarded their likelihood to participate will significantly fall. Even then, cash isn’t king, can you tell me that all employees are looking for a pay raise? I encounter numerous professionals who would rather work one day a week less than have a raise or work one less hour per day.

I don’t have all the answers and this is not a paper on how we can motivate employees to submit feedback that results in amazing innovation. I am simply opening the dialog to the possibilities. Later I will be discussing more points on motivation and how you can get the most from your innovation goals.

7 Responses to What motivates staff to give amazing ideas?

  1. kradzioch says:

    Wow there are some really good questions raised out of this topic going on in my head right now. This is very complex. I deal with all sorts of people as a part of my own social network on a daily basis. It is true that different people are motivated in all sorts of different ways. I have learned from experience that it is about getting to know each individual person and finding out about their personal interests and what it is that they want. I’ve also learned that the way to get what you want from someone is to help them get what they want. Once they get what they want and you have built up a relationship with them then they will usually just naturally give you what it is you want in return.

  2. val yenko says:

    There certainly are many things that motivate staff to come up with some good ideas and pinpointing which one works for this person and which one works for that one can become stressful and even mind boggling.

  3. I think the best way to encourage ideas from your employes is to be open yourself. I used to work for a tyrant of a boss who thought everything was her way or the highway, our company almost went bankrupt. We then had a much more open and kind boss take over and the company is going great! Employees are no longer afraid to speak their minds and offer suggestions. Its a win win situation!

  4. Jana Marie says:

    Motivations for employees are as diverse as the employees themselves. It is a correct assumption to state that demographics and culture play a role in what motivates people.

  5. T Ron Scott says:

    There are no silver bullets when it comes to human motivation. Some individuals are motivated internally while others are externally motivated. Successful companies create an environment that always both types of individuals to thrive and make meaningful contributions.

  6. I am motivated by praise, and allowing me to be creative. When I am treated as a slave or someone who is just there to make money, I perform horribly.


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