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A highly competitive and diverse business environment is putting greater pressure on organisations to perform. In this environment businesses need to wow consumers and exceed expectations to survive. R&D, innovation and marketing are increasingly vital to the success of organisations and it is crucial for businesses to capitalise on their competitive advantages.

Ongoing innovation and development is critical to success and HunchBuzz offers a cloud based Idea Management Software to capture and incentivise innovation. Businesses can Challenge, Innovate, Collaborate and Execute ideas and innovation across a wide range of stakeholders. We allow you to utilise and crowdsource your resources, and access untapped knowledge through organisation-wide collaboration. Engaging and empowering employees through an online, real-time discussion community fosters an inclusive and innovative culture; the aim of all forward-thinking businesses.

HunchBuzz will provide you with a seamlessly integrated, easy-to-use solution that enables enterprises to develop better, faster and more cost effective solutions to drive growth.


Enterprise benefits 

  • Innovation Culture – Your team had ideas, and they can surface from all levels of your organisation. HunchBuzz allows you to capture these ideas and steer them in productive directions for ongoing development and innovation.
  • Real-time Discussion – community members can collaborate anywhere, anytime. Ideas don’t just come to us in the office. HunchBuzz allows members to collaborate across a range of devices. Use in the shower not recommended.
  • Resource Utilisation – Don’t spend more money to solve issues, generate solutions with the people who know your organisation best and face these challenges daily. Engage your employees, customers and suppliers on one easy to use platform.
  • Widget Integration –  Integrate HunchBuzz on your website, intranet, wiki, or anywhere else using our widget.
  • Public and Private Access – Encourage collaboration internally and externally. Create idea challenges for everyone, or enable access to certain challenges for specific subsets of your community.
  • Security –  HunchBuzz has been created to comply with privacy, security and accessibility concerns in mind. Platforms can be public or private, and invitations limited to a unique, domain, or via a secure link. Single sign on avaialble.
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