Government Idea Management Software

Internal and External Collaboration

HunchBuzz for government is about creating a virtual community where decision makers, departments and constituents can engage in collaboration together. Generate transparent dialogue on important issues and gain insight into the views of stakeholders.


Political engagement

Enable political parties to connect with their members, engage citizens, address issues and understand what matters most to people.


Local Government

Create transparent dialog with your community on decisions that directly affect them, and manage and distribute civic resources to areas that are most important.


Educational engagement

Make positive, productive changes in the education sector by opening discussion between decision makers, parents, students and the wider community.



Limited resources and decreases in funding are issues faced by public sectors world-wide. Increased efficiency and effectiveness is essential for success. It is imperative that leaders maintain an open flow of communication with their constituents. In a world where technology is moving at an accelerated rate, HunchBuzz enables local governments to exceed expectations through challenge, collaboration, evaluation and execution of ideas.


HunchBuzz enables governments to engage citizens in transparent dialogue and collaborate on issues that matter. A virtual community where stakeholders at all levels are able to submit, vote, review and comment on ideas. Public and private settings will also allow you to limit access of certain challenges to specific subsets of your community.


Public Sector Benefits 

  • Compliance and Security – HunchBuzz has been designed with the requirements of government organisations in mind. Talk to us about how our specialised services will meet your privacy, safety and compliance needs.
  •  Public and Private Access – Encourage collaboration internally and externally. Create idea challenges for everyone, or enable access to certain challenges for specific subsets of your community.
  •  Promote Transparency – Create a channel of open communication and gain insights on topics of interest. Empower your citizens by letting their voice be heard.
  •  Build Relationships – Virtually connect your people and reward them for their involvement
  •  Widget Integration –Integrate HunchBuzz on your website, intranet, wiki, or anywhere else using our widget.
  •  Customised Service – Talk to us about how we can meet your specific needs and generate the best virtual solution for your organisation.
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