Non-profit Organisations

How we can help you optimise your resources




Non-profit organisations provide a wide variety of benefits to local and global communities. While there can be inhibiting factors such as funding, scarce resources and high performance demands, the benefits provided are abundant and we want to aid your organisation in optimising its resources.
Talk to us about our special deals for non-profit organisations!

HunchBuzz will provide you with a seamlessly integrated, easy-to-use solution that enables non-profit organisations to access a wide breadth of stakeholders at minimal cost. We provide a central place where stakeholders can get together, submit ideas, comment and vote on issues that matter.

HunchBuzz also enables organisations to build public and private communities or group based challenges where access may be to a specific subset of members. This enables you to optimise utilisation and connect your organisation on an internal level, as well as connecting with external stakeholders.


 Non-profit Organisational Benefits 

  • Public Good – Solve challenges that matter to your stakeholders.
  • Fundraising – Assist fundraising by building public awareness.
  • Resources – Optimize scarce resources by extending your reach to a diverse community.
  • Special Offers – Talk to us about our special offer for non-profit organisations and how we can work for you!
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