HunchBuzz is easy-to-use cloud based Idea Management Software. Check it out below.

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1. Create


Create a Challenge to start the discussion


Challenges steer discussion around the topics you choose. HunchBuzz allows you to pose questions to cultivate ideas and gain constructive feedback. Interested in product development, customer feedback or changing internal processes? Just set the topic and invite the right people.


Challenges can be:
– Broad or specific
– Limited by time or open ended
– Available to everyone or specific community subsets









2. Generate


Collect and manage ideas to drive results


Your team has ideas, and they can surface from all levels of your organisation. HunchBuzz allows you to capture these ideas and steer them in productive directions for ongoing development and innovation.


Capture Ideas:
– Easy to contribute ideas and get a conversation started
– Incentivise contributions with prizes, a reward store, and a leaderboard
– Access the platform on any device









3. Collaborate


Engage your community in decision making and see the best ideas rise to the top


Identify the right idea through user feedback. HunchBuzz provides easy to use tools to collaborate on ideas and solve problems.


Collaboration through:
– Suggest ideas and answer custom questions in response to a challenge
– Comment on ideas to form a discussion
– Vote ideas up or down
– Review ideas based on custom metrics









4. Implement


Turn your community’s ideas into action!


Transition concepts on HunchBuzz from idea phase to execution through custom set statuses. Empower your community by providing ownership of the decision making process and forward direction of your organisation.


Execute ideas:
– Innovation committee tracks ideation and updates the status as ideas progress
– Transparently communicate idea development through to execution
– Engaged members rewarded for participation and success


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