Idea Management Tool

Crowdsourcing software for your idea management

Our Idea Management tool is a Crowdsourcing Software package that enables business to smooth the road from product development to market, by ensuring expectations of management and customers are met.

Idea management tools drive success in any business who understands how this technology can be used for product development. Many innovation projects fail, however innovation management software gives executives and leaders the tools the evaluate success by driving results.


Successful businesses face the harsh reality that project failure is common place, and recognize the need to re-evaluate their current processes. Through implementing a more efficient and scalable development life cycles  which meet businesses requirements for design and accesses quality ideas.


Over half of organisations interviewed in a recent survey admit that they were about to or have failed to reach their product development goals. HunchBuzz Idea management tools  help smooth your organisations product development collecting and managing ideas and feedback from customers, employees and partners directly.



idea management software

idea management software

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