Innovation Management Software

Social innovation management platform; driving innovation in your organisation

innovation management softwareHowever you manage innovation, the software you choose is key.


Innovation Management Software is just what you need to help you to gather the information you need to bring innovations into a productive environment so you can act and make your organization thrive.


HunchBuzz’s Innovation Management Software gives you the tools that helps you set up an Innovation Management System to help you manage any innovation information that your organization has.


HunchBuzz is a turn-key, cloud-based Innovation Management Platform. Enabling you to manage your innovation systems easily and quickly. Designed for medium to large companies that need customization like security, IP protection and much more.


Create your Innovation Management System today

  1. Establish your Innovation Management System a web-based co-op system.
  2. Gather Innovative ideas from your employees and customers on a regular basis.
  3. Let your users work as a team to work through ideas.
  4. Popular ideas will rise above the others according to their popularity.
  5. Convert the best ideas into productive innovations and act on them.
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