The easy way to ideate and innovate with staff.

Trusted cloud (SaaS) provider to the NZ Government.


responsive innovation software

Made for Everyone

Our innovation software has been made to not only look and behave great on desktops but on smartphones as well.


Vote the Best

Let your community shine, staff can vote on the best ideas.

innovation statistics

Innovative Statistics

Access real-time data on ideas and innovations from your department, see what requires action and who your champion users are.

rate ideas

Custom Reviews

Rate ideas on more than just a vote or comment. Review ideas on areas such as; risk, competitive advantage and disruptive potential.

idea leaderboard


View your top contributors, keep track on those who make a difference from top ideators and commenters.


Open or Private

Built with security in mind, limit access with secure cloud one-click single-sign-on.


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