Employee Idea Management

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employee idea managementAn employee that is willing to offer up ideas to help the company that they work for is invaluable to that company.



Why? Because they will ultimately have an idea, or many ideas that will make the company lots of money.


Using an Employee Idea Management program can help you find those invaluable employees and the ideas that they have.  Your company will find that ideas the employees have sometimes come from the customers or clients themselves.


An Employee Idea Management program will help you to gather that information from your employees, discuss and get feedback from those same employees and then help to put those ideas into action.


HunchBuzz’s Employee Idea Management system is a web-based system that is easy to use making it easy to set up and deploy your employee idea program. They have designed it to meet your needs, and can help with things like IP protection, security, integration and more.


Create an employee idea management program

  1. Establish your own “Employee Idea site” in 15 minutes or less!
  2. Gather ideas from your employees on a regular basis.
  3. Let your employees work as a team to work through ideas.
  4. Employees can vote for their favorite ideas.
  5. Trendy ideas, will rise to the above others according to their popularity and you can use a procedural patterns to help arrange them.
  6. Execute the optimum ideas for your company, and keep your employees actively committed by using Social Networking/Gaming features.
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