Employee Suggestion Program

Employee suggestion programs that work, driving your feedback & innovation program

employee suggestion programYour employees like most employees are full of suggestions that can help your company or organization immensely.



HunchBuzz Employee Suggestion Program that will help take your employee suggestions and create an employee suggestion box.


These suggestions can help save your company money, improve your systems, make new products, and much more. Rewarding employees for the best suggestions each month with either rewards or even recognition can help boost morale and make the company run smoother.


HunchBuzzes’s Employee Suggestion Program helps to set up your own personal suggestion box site that will be online and you can start using immediately. Gather suggestions, manage the suggestions you are given and then set them into motion, all through one easy to use web-based program.


Mid-to-large companies will gain more of an advantage of needs from Hunchbuzz. These needs include customization, integration, and security and much more.


Create your Employee Suggestion Program today

  1. Establish your own “Employee Suggestion Box” the basis for your employee suggestion program
  2. Gather Suggestions from your employees on a regular basis over the web.
  3. Let your employees work as a team to work through Suggestions sectioning them into viable tasks.
  4. Employees can vote for their favorite Suggestion.
  5. Trendy Suggestions will rise above the others according to their popularity, and you can use procedural patterns to help arrange them.
  6. Reward employees for the best Suggestions and act on the best Suggestions.
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