Online Suggestion Box

Create a private or public, online suggestion box for your organisaiton

online suggestion boxSuggestions from your employees, customers and/or stakeholders are very important to the life of your company or organization.

Online Suggestion Boxes are now the new wave of technology, it isn’t enough to have a suggestion box in your physical locale you must have one on the web as well.

Using HunchBuzz’s Online Suggestion Box software will help you bring your company or organization into the new age of technology one step further. You can customize your Online Suggestion Box to your brand and as it is web-based it is easy to use.


Gather suggestions from everyone not just your customers but, employees and stakeholders as well. Then once gathered they can be managed and acted on to be used as new as new ideas for the company or organization.


HunchBuzz is a turn-key, cloud-based Suggestion Box Software. It will enable you to set up your Online Suggestion Box system quickly and efficiently without hassles at your company or organization. Designed for medium to large companies that need customizations like security, IP protection and much more; HunchBuzz’s Online Suggestion Box Software can take care of your Online Suggestion Management program.


Set up your Online Suggestion Program today

  1. Establish your own “Online Suggestion Box” the basis for your Online Suggestion program
  2. Gather suggestions from your employees, customers and/or stakeholders on a regular basis over the web.
  3. Let your employees, customers, and stakeholders work as a team to work through suggestions sectioning them into viable tasks.
  4. Employees, customers, and stakeholders can vote for their favorite suggestions.
  5. Trendy suggestions will rise above the others according to their popularity, and you can use procedural patterns to help arrange them.
  6. Reward employees, customers, and stakeholders for the best suggestions and act on the best ones.
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