Suggestion Box for Employees & Staff

When creating an employee or staff suggestion campaign, take into consideration your internal culture. Is your company actively receiving and managing new and insightful ideas? Are employee’s suggestions being reviewed and taken through to staff meetings?

If this is not happening in an efficient manner than your organisations should look at creating an employee suggestion box campaign.

Starting with suggestions

A great place to start is through team based brainstorm sessions based around particular issues or topics that matter to the organisations.  These meetings should be on a regular weekly basis with a review period every two to three weeks. Reviews is when ideas can be dismissed or pushed forward to the next stage.

We have built our employee suggestion software to work out of the box for organisational suggestion programs. Our software is simple and easy to use, and once you understand what goals your organisation wants from the suggestions submitted from your employees, then creating a challenge or campaign is needed.

Review employee suggestions for success.

Reviewing the best ideas is vital to the success of the idea; HunchBuzz allows businesses to create their own review process which can be performed offline. Managers can review employee suggestions out of the box on different metrics that are specific to the business. For example risk, likelihood to implement or any other metric that may be applicable to the business.

Creating a Successful Employee Suggestion Program.

Successful employee suggestion programs share common elements. Employees want recognition for their input and to feel rewarded. To create a successful employee suggestion campaign the following must happen.

  • Designate a Suggestion Review Team.
    The review team must review suggestions and acknowledge them within two days. The team must be diverse and have the internal clout to make change, if this team is just managers it may look to be out of touch. If the team includes other employees, it could take up a lot of time and may look to be self-serving. The team needs to be diverse, willing for change and able to ask the question “why not” instead of “why?”
  • Department representation is important.
    Finance and other departments must be represented on the suggestion review team. If senior staff reviews suggestions, the review must be part of a regular meeting, with all suggestions being distributed prior to such meetings. Review teams should get together at least once a month; else there will be too much work to catch up on.
  • Keep members fresh and adhere to organisational culture.
    Members should be kept fresh and rotate their roles at least 4-5 times per year. Don’t move all roles at once because the culture needs to stay constant. The members in the team should represent the wider organisational culture.
  • Create guidelines for your employee suggestion Program.
    Guidelines such as the topics and issues that will be discussed in the suggestion campaign are important. Include areas that will target ideas that relate to cost & time saving, productivity, process enhancements, profit growth and morale-enhancement.Suggestions need to be more than just an idea from employees; suggestions must represent some details from the employee on how the suggestion should be implemented. It’s easy to create an idea but thought needs to be taken into how the idea can be implemented and the major benefits, even taking into consideration the negatives. A requirement of “why” and “how” the idea will impact the company is vital.
  • Keep suggestions simple.
    Employee suggestion programs should be simple, ensure the employees can input the information easily and quickly without too many roadblocks.
  • Designate an administrator.
    All programs need a central point of contact, someone who is an expert in the field and has the right connections. The administrator will be responsible for ensuring the ideas are cultivated, reported and responded to. They will also ensure the appropriate team members will be involved.
  • Communicate responses.
    Feedback is one of the most important aspects of any suggestion programme that involves employees, they need to feel heard and that their suggestions have been taken to the appropriate steps.
  • Rewards and Recognition in Your Employee Suggestion Program.
    Successful suggestion programmes all have one thing in common, that is employees suggestions are treated with respect and the employee is recognised for their input. Rewards could be simple as a posting on the leader board, or as real as a physical reward. At HunchBuzz we have built our software to incorporate reward points on a simple to view leader board and the added benefit of offering real rewards.
  • Keep your suggestions up to date.
    No one wants to interact with old and dry suggestions, keeping the old ideas out and the most popular active is vital to keep employees involved.

suggestion-box-for-employeesAre you ready to start your employee suggestion box in a new and exciting way?

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