Crowdsource Your Employees For Ideas and Insights HunchBuzz Using Idea Management Software

Accelerate Business Improvement


Encourage, capture and recognise new thinking & ideas that identifies challenges and opportunities in order to adapt and evolve existing processes, products, services and business models

Increase Employee Engagement


Conduct ongoing participation & collaboration by utilising our simple and easy to use cloud based Idea Management Software, that captures the voice and distributed intelligence of your organisation in a open and transparent way.

Review Innovation Insights


Measure the results;  no campaign would be complete without measurable results, make sure you are getting the most from your idea campaign with our innovation analytics.


Idea Management

Get the most from your HunchBuzz Idea Management Software Community. Whether your need is company-wide, within a team or focused on a specific issue or challenge – our online software is easy to use and delivers results.

Engage employees & customers

A HunchBuzz Idea Management Software community is the place where your employees and stakeholders can share, review and develop their ideas, in turn fostering a culture of innovation and collaboration



Check our product features and see how HunchBuzz Idea Management Software works.


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