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About HunchBuzz

HunchBuzz is a New Zealand based company providing idea management software to the world. We believe that successful organizations increasingly recognize innovation as a key differentiator and are looking for ways to manage it as part of their normal business processes. HunchBuzz was born in 2012 to help customers bring a structured approach to this challenge.

Steve Graham


Steve has worked for some of the biggest corporations on the planet, and been behind a number of start-ups and social initiatives. The thing that links everything together is Steve’s commitment to the idea that any organization can do better when its employees are engaged and connected.

Scott Wylie


Scott has been a leader in the tech industry around the world and after many years of corporate life he's now leveraging his insider knowledge for good - to help organizations innovate and collaborate better through the power of idea management software.

Be up and running in minutes with your own idea generating community!