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Solve problems together.

Gather insights, ideas and feedback from your people.

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Engage employees and stakeholders.

Great ideas don't just come from management or innovation teams, new thinking can come from all areas of your organization. Let your stakeholders be heard and contribute to business outcomes.

Enable collaboration and new thinking.

Enable collaboration through a simple and intuitive idea generation and evaluation process. Create targeted challenges that reflect the issues and opportunities your business faces. Uncover diverse perspectives and break down organizational silos.

Accelerate innovation.

Capture new solutions to challenges and discover opportunities to improve processes, products and business models. Surface and test the best ideas, then turn those ideas into action.

How does it work?

HunchBuzz is the new way to collaborate and solve problems together—and it's really simple to use. It works on the concept that the way to get good ideas is to get lots of ideas, and throw the bad ones away. Learn more.

Define a challenge

Challenges are at the heart of HunchBuzz. Guide the discussion with compelling questions to get people engaged and thinking.

Generate ideas

Generate ideas from across your organization regardless of size, geography or working styles. Hear everyone's voice in one place.

Evaluate and act

The community evaluates the ideas with the best rising to the top for validation and transition to active project management.

Take a quick guided tour through the product and its features:

HunchBuzz Scenarios

HunchBuzz is a great collaboration tool for a wide range of situations:

Gather Ideas & Feedback.

Use HunchBuzz's structured idea generation capabilities to run your innovation program. Create focused challenges to guide the idea generation process. Contribute ideas, feedback, comments, reviews, polls and votes. Learn more.

Employee Engagement.

How do you gauge employee satisfaction and engagement—the occasional survey? What happens next? Use HunchBuzz to reflect the challenges and start to really understand what’s going on—and what to do about it. Learn more.

Your Next Hackathon.

Instead of post-it notes and flip charts, set out the challenges and begin sourcing ideas before the big event. Then use HunchBuzz to manage the ongoing discussion of the ideas generated on the day—and keep the conversation going long after. Learn more.

Voice of the Customer.

Many organizations use HunchBuzz for employee related ideas and feedback but you can also gather input from third parties like suppliers, partners and customers. HunchBuzz offers a flexible security model to include external users. Learn more.

Simple & Intuitive

We're all about removing barriers to participation so HunchBuzz is designed to make it easy for people to navigate and contribute their ideas and feedback. With a social media-like activity stream, helpful wizards, mobile apps and more, HunchBuzz will feel familiar in minutes.


The idea stream

The activity stream is front and center, providing a simple way to engage in the flow of ideas. You can vote, comment and even create an idea directly from the stream.

mobile apps

On the move

You're not always in the office, we know that. That's why the HunchBuzz mobile apps for iOS and Android let you join the conversation from wherever you are.

Fun stuff

Fun stuff

Rewards, achievements, friendly competition—it's all about making the experience compelling and fun, helping to make the engagement flywheel spin even faster.

Learn more about reporting and analytics.

Also learn about integration with Slack and the HunchBuzz API.

challenge cards
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You manage customers, sales and finance—now manage innovation too.

HunchBuzz has helped thousands of organizations around the world to create more than 100,000 new ideas—driving innovation and improving employee engagement in the process.

Imagine what HunchBuzz could do for you!

We’re always looking for ways to deliver better results for the tax payers of New Zealand and work more collaboratively with our suppliers. HunchBuzz helped us create tangible innovation and gain valuable insights. We would recommend HunchBuzz as a way of engaging ideas and feedback.
Simon Mason
Head of Commercial and Procurement,
Inland Revenue New Zealand

Be up and running in minutes with your own idea generating community!