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Be up and running in minutes with your own idea management system!

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What's included
25 users
1 administrator
2 active challenges
Mobile apps for iOS and Android
Billed monthly
What's included
500 users
10 administrators
10 active challenges
Public or private community
Custom logo and colors
Mobile apps for iOS and Android
Self-provisioned Azure AD Single Sign-On
Challenge groups (themes)
What's included
Unlimited users
Unlimited administrators
Unlimited active challenges
Azure AD or AD/SAML Single Sign-On
Customized SLA
All features
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Commonly asked questions.

Is HunchBuzz right for my organization?
HunchBuzz is used globally by organisations of all kinds and sizes. Commercial, public sector, government and even community groups can all use HunchBuzz to manage innovation and employee engagement.
How long does it take to roll out HunchBuzz?
HunchBuzz is an easy to deploy cloud hosted service. A typical implementation can be up and running within minutes. There's no software you need to install or manage—let us do the heavy lifting!
Is HunchBuzz available on mobile devices?
Yes! Your users can join the conversation from any computer, tablet or mobile device.
What kind of challenges can I set?
You can create any type of challenge relevant to your community. Challenges can be broad or specific, time-limited or open-ended, available to everyone or specific groups.
Is HunchBuzz an employee engagement tool?
Yes. While a HunchBuzz community can be very broad (even public) many organizations use it specifically to better connect with employees. The HunchBuzz model of setting organizational challenges and seeking ideas provides a structured, and positive way, to gather feedback and views from staff on the front line.
Can I use HunchBuzz for my hackathon/innovation event?
Yes. We find customers who use HunchBuzz leading up to an event to begin sourcing ideas have a better outcome overall. Then use HunchBuzz to manage the ongoing discussion around the ideas generated and refined on the day - and turn them into action.
Can I control who can access my HunchBuzz platform?
Administrators have complete control over security and access to HunchBuzz. It can be locked down to certain users or groups - or open to the general public. You determine what's right for your organization. We can also integrate with your organization's existing security system for seamless single sign-on.
What's the difference between HunchBuzz and Yammer/Slack/Workplace etc.?
HunchBuzz is purpose built for idea creation and management. The concepts of challenges and ideas are intrinsic as is the notion of channelling user interaction towards the specific outcome of surfacing and evaluating ideas and feedback.
I'm new to this, can you help?
Yes, we offer a full range of services to get you started with idea management, and get the best from HunchBuzz including: advice and planning through first challenge cycles, customization of design elements, train-the-trainer workshops or whatever you need.
Can I "brand" HunchBuzz so it looks like my site?
Yes, all paid plans offer the ability to define your own colors and logos and much of the the app text is customizable too, along with many other feature configuration options.
Does HunchBuzz work with organizations of any size?
HunchBuzz can work well with any organization, from small/medium to large enterprise/corporate entities.
Does HunchBuzz work with Office 365?
Yes HunchBuzz integrates seamlessly with Sharepoint, MS Teams, Yammer and Azure Active Directory—it also integrates with Slack.
Innovation and managing those ideas is a long game and MPI continues to move forward with using tools such as HunchBuzz to encourage idea generation.
Debbie Ward
Director Planning and Business Transformation,
Ministry for Primary Industries NZ

Be up and running in minutes with your own idea management platform!