How HunchBuzz Works

1. Define a challenge

Challenges are at the heart of HunchBuzz. Guide the discussion with compelling questions to get people engaged and thinking.

  • Broad or specific topics
  • Time-limited or open-ended
  • Available to everyone or specific groups
  • “What’s the one thing you would change if you were CEO?”
  • "How do we work in a more environmentally friendly way?”
  • “What's the next amazing product idea?”

2. Generate ideas

Collaborate across your organization regardless of size, geography or working styles — hear everyone's voice.

  • Create new ideas and join the discussion
  • Incentivize and reward contributors
  • Accessible from any device, anywhere
  • “I would introduce flexible working hours for all staff.”
  • “Let’s get rid of disposable coffee cups and provide keeper cups.”
  • “Develop a widget with an adjustable fluxometer extension”

3. Evaluate and act

Let the best ideas rise to the top — validate and transition to active project management.

  • Voting/Liking
  • Commenting and discussion
  • Reviews based on custom metrics
  • “Love it - we should do some market research
  • “This would really help new parents and commuters.”
  • “Environmental impact

"We recognised that to encourage innovation from the bottom up we required a much more transparent and up to date platform that would allow us to improve and transform our services.”

Zoe Evans
Transformation Manager,
Aberdeen City Council UK

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