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HunchBuzz + Employee Engagement

So, the results of your employee engagement survey are in! You’ve heard from your people—and there are some challenges. What happens next?

What if you could solve this problem in a new way, if a survey was just the beginning of a truly collaborative effort to really understand what’s going on—and what to do about it.


Conduct you employee survey. Gather feedback from everyone individually, collate the results, and determine the themes or challenges.


Use HunchBuzz to present the key areas identified in your survey and invite your employees to contribute their ideas on how to address the challenges, and collaborate on others' ideas.


Let the good ideas rise to the top and then transition to an action plan—based on well-grounded evidence and a solid understanding of the issues and likely solutions.

Find out how HunchBuzz can help your organization drive better outcomes from your employee engagement survey.

"The way to get good ideas is to get lots of ideas and throw the bad ones away."
Linus Pauling
American biochemist, author and educator

Be up and running in minutes with your own idea generating community!