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Setting up HunchBuzz with Azure AD OpenId

NOTE: You can only self-provision Azure AD authentication for a new community, i.e. you cannot add Azure AD authentication to an existing community yourself. If you have an existing community that requires Azure AD please contact us.

Step 1

Make sure you are signed into the Azure Portal

Step 2 - Azure setup

  1. Choose 'Azure Active Directory' from the sidebar

  2. Choose 'Enterprise Applications' from the directory options

  3. Click 'New Application'

  4. Search 'HunchBuzz' and click it

  5. Click 'Sign up for HunchBuzz'

  6. Grant HunchBuzz the permissions we require

  7. You will then be signed into HunchBuzz

  8. Back in your 'Enterprise Applications', find HunchBuzz and click on it

  9. Click the 'Self Service' box

  10. Set 'Allow users to requset access...' to "yes", choose a group for the users (you may need to create one first) and press save

  11. Once back in the Hunchbuzz Portal, create a new platform

  12. Once you have a platform, you can send your users to the URL - they'll be logged in via their Azure AD account. All new users need to come through your platform URL.

  13. Optional If you want to add administrator users to your platform, you can create a group called 'HunchbuzzAdmin' in your Azure AD and add users to it - they'll automatically be mapped as administrators.