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How building staff capability can improve employee engagement

Posted by

Steve Graham

28 April, 2017

Employee engagement is one of the main priorities for organisations today. Successful organisations like Google, Microsoft and Mars Inc. are going above and beyond to reward their employees and create a company culture that allows employees to challenge themselves and explore their capabilities. Employees working in these companies have some of the highest job satisfaction rates in the world and employee engagement is off the charts. It just goes to show that if you make the effort to cultivate your employees, you could see massive improvements and increased employee engagement will lead to talented and loyal employees.

Training and qualifications in particular are highly valued and play a big part in job satisfaction. The employees that excel are the ones that look for ways to improve themselves as well as make a difference to their place of employment.

Help Employees Move Forward

It’s pointless for any employer to remain under the delusion that employees will be with the organisation for the rest of their lives. Employees will be looking to improve, expand their skills and move towards more rewarding opportunities, which may or may not be within your company. So, rather than holding your employees back and restricting them to the role they have been assigned, help them spread their wings and test their abilities by encouraging them to educate themselves. If you are able to provide them with what they’re looking for then they will remain loyal employees for longer and be more engaged with the organisation.

One of best ways to reward employees is to offer them opportunities to move forward in their career, which is why so many successful organisations choose to hire internally. When you provide with more career prospects, you are helping them to take a step forward and preparing them to take on more responsibility within the company. These qualifications and promotions lead to higher levels of employee engagement as well as to possibility of keeping your best employees for longer. Certain educational courses can also lead to employees expanding responsibilities within their current position, incorporating new skills and collaborating more closely with other departments.

Allow for Innovation

Too many organisations find one way of doing things and stick to this method for as long as possible. Organisations with this type of attitude towards their working methodology may find themselves stumbling at hurdles, getting trapped in routine or avoiding complex issues. They also miss out on the opportunity to take on clients that have different or higher expectations, which means that they also miss out on the chance to demonstrate their capabilities. This is why organisations need to develop their employees and design a more agile working process.

Innovation, change and agility, when introduced to a workplace, can provide much needed stimulation, challenge and excitement that can increase employee engagement. If you organise your workplace in such a way that you and your employees can easily adapt to change and incorporate new ideas, you will find your organisation reaping benefits across the board. You will be able to address more unconventional problems posed by your clients and discover new ways of working that can improve efficiency and produce more impressive results.

Encouraging project managers to become qualified in PRINCE2 Agile is a great way to supply them with the necessary tools to adapt their management style to allow more flexible working methods and forwards thinking. Other skills such as Design Thinking and Idea Management as provided by HunchBuzz will also better equip your team to tackle more complex problems and find innovative, action-oriented solutions that will move projects forward and prevent projects from being brought to a halt by unexpected circumstances.

Steve Graham

Founder/Director HunchBuzz
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