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Introducing Idea Management Systems

Posted by

Megan Clark

15 July, 2018

Times are changing. In order to stay relevant in an ever-changing, competitive market, companies need to utilize all resources available, and the most valuable resource is the people that make your company run. Great ideas can’t be generated from management alone. Crowdsourcing ideas from employees, partners and customers is the best way to promote innovation from the bottom-up. Why not get feedback from the people that know your company the best?

HunchBuzz is a leader in Idea Management Systems (IMS). Online, instant messaging and streaming has taken over how we communicate, whether through social media or other mediums. If we are constantly communicating instantly with our friends and family online, why not communicate this way with our co-workers? HunchBuzz can change the way that organizations communicate and solve problems, making it more efficient, productive, and engaging.

A study from 2016 showed that innovation functioned at over 80% inefficiency in most organizations. Essentially, using typical innovation methods, time and resources are spent on the wrong tasks. HunchBuzz streamlines this process by working at “tomorrow’s functionality”. Instead of focusing precious energy on data processing and analysis, companies can spend more time on strategy, innovation, and execution.


In the past, many companies relied on a small group of individuals to determine strategic directions and make major decisions. An IMS like HunchBuzz provides a platform for more people to share their ideas. Organizations can get feedback from people they may not otherwise hear from. More ideas can be shared and evaluated, meaning more opportunity for a successful outcome. IMS systems make it easier for company leaders to evaluate ideas and make decisions.


Instead of holding meetings and conference calls to brainstorm ideas and problem solve, imagine if this was an ongoing, ingrained part of your culture. The typical employee is very involved in social media and enjoys real time, instant communication. With IMS, these same concepts are employed. IMS automates the process of sorting through information and allowing the wisdom of the crowd to generate and test ideas. HunchBuzz provides a more efficient way to analyze a problem, brainstorm solutions, test the best ideas, and turn these ideas into action.


Strategic organizational issues may be important, but it’s not always easy for employees to be aware of them or how they may contribute their ideas and feedback. With HunchBuzz, employees can get involved in the company-wide discussion during their work day without leaving their desk. Staff morale often improves when every employee feels that their ideas are being heard and valued.

Companies that invest in idea management systems allow greater opportunities for new ideas to be created and a better foundation for these ideas to come to life. HunchBuzz provides companies with the ability to have a more productive, efficient and engaging work environment, where good ideas can flourish.


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Megan Clark