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Five ways to keep innovating with COVID

Posted by

Scott Wylie

9 September, 2020

Covid-19 has turned the world upside down and organizations have scrambled to deploy remote working capabilities to their employees. Microsoft Teams and Zoom are just two of the beneficiaries of this move to fully embrace online working.

So, you have the means to hold meetings online, chat and share documents but how do you continue to surface new ideas within your business—and critically evaluate them?

Whether your preferred collaboration suite is Zoom, Teams, Slack, M365, Salesforce or anything else, you need a way to seek ideas and feedback and then evaluate and test those ideas in a structured way that delivers real insights.

This is where HunchBuzz comes in. HunchBuzz is a collaboration tool that lets you explore challenges and issues and helps uncover solutions with your frontline staff.

So here are five ways you can continue to innovate with a remote workforce using HunchBuzz:

ONE: Standalone

Use an idea management system (IMS) that's designed to funnel creativity and surface the good ideas—HunchBuzz works great as a standalone idea collector and crowdsourcing tool. You can be up and running in literally minutes with your own crowdsourcing capability. Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise we have plans to suit…you could be engaging your people on issues big and small in the next five minutes!. Learn more.


TWO: With M365/Teams/Slack

Continue what you’re doing! You're probably using a collaboration suite already. If you're using MS Teams, M365 or Slack then take advantage of seamless HunchBuzz integration. Imagine Teams with built in idea management capabilities? You don’t have to it already exists! Learn more.


THREE: With Zoom

Use HunchBuzz in conjunction with Zoom or any online meeting software to make meetings more productive. Everyone can contribute ideas in real time and see where they fit in the broader context—and vote and comment on the best ideas. Turn online meetings into productive brainstorming sessions. Learn more.

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FOUR: With mobile

Use built-in HunchBuzz social features and mobile features to encourage ideas from remote and mobile employees. Maybe some of your employees don’t have access to a computer or don’t have a corporate email address, perhaps they work in a non-office environment or are literally on the road. They can still participate using social auth and mobile apps. Learn more.

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FIVE: Your next hackathon

Chances are many attendees at your next Hackathon are going to be online so instead of post-it notes on the whiteboard learn how HunchBuzz makes for a better innovation event experience—before, during and after the big day. Learn more.


Smart organizations are quickly adapting to the new way of working and it’s unlikely we’ll be going back to the “old” way of working any time soon, if ever.

Good thinking and new ideas are more vital than ever to move businesses forward and remain competitive. Are your employees equipped with the capabilities they need to thrive in a post-Covid world?

Scott Wylie

Director HunchBuzz
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