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Introducing Challenge Champions

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13 November, 2019

Announcing a new HunchBuzz feature—the Challenge Champion. A Challenge Champion has all the privileges of a user plus they are assigned extra permissions on one or more challenges. This allows them to act as challenge subject matter experts (SME's) with the ability monitor and moderate activity for a particular challenge or group of challenges—without being an admin for the whole community.

What can a Challenge Champion do?

A Challenge Champion can:

  • Edit any idea in a challenge
  • Change the idea stage for an idea
  • Change the owner
  • Archive or delete an idea
  • Delete comments on an idea

Learn more about HunchBuzz roles.

In other news…

Here are some other improvements and features you might find useful:

Journey board

  • We've added the idea score to each card so you can see at a glance what support an idea is receiving.
  • We now display descriptions when you hover over the idea stage name. This is great for when you want to provide extra info or instructions on how ideas flow through the process.
  • Admins can now edit the idea stage names in place on the Journey board.

Challenge wizard

When you've finished creating your challenge we now provide a URL you can share with users to take them directly to the challenge.

Engagement report

The engagement report now show the number of users who have been active for the period—AND the number who haven't. This is a good indicator of when some comms or internal marketing is required to re-engage people.

Keep on innovating!

The HunchBuzz Team