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Bringing Idea Management to Office 365

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23 September, 2019

In the modern workplace employees use multiple apps to communicate, collaborate and get things done. We know how important it is to not add yet another app destination to your busy work day, which is why we've integrated with the most popular productivity solutions on the planet to make HunchBuzz available everywhere you are.

Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 provides rich collaboration and productivity tools but is missing true idea management capabilities. This is where HunchBuzz comes in—HunchBuzz integrates seamlessly with Sharepoint, Teams, Yammer and Active Directory to bring the best of idea management to Office 365, without sacrificing any of the power of a true Idea Management System.

Here's how you can integrate HunchBuzz with Office 365

Quickly expose everything that's happening in HunchBuzz in a Sharepoint web part. See ideas, comments and more wherever you want with our easy to configure Sharepoint widget.

We know it's important to make idea creation a seamless part of everyone's day that's why we integrate with MS Teams. The HunchBuzz app runs right inside the Teams environment including notifications.

Yammer is great for cross team/org comms and now you can see real-time notifications of ideas, comments and other activity within HunchBuzz directly in your Yammer feed.

You don't want usernames and passwords to get in the way of creating great ideas, so HunchBuzz works with your Azure AD or on-premises Active Directory to provide seamless Sign Sign-On.

Learn more about HunchBuzz integration with Microsoft Office 365.


And if you use Slack HunchBuzz integration allows you to surface HunchBuzz activities (new ideas and comments) within your Slack channels. And message buttons let you view and like ideas directly from within your Slack channel!

Learn more about HunchBuzz integration with Slack.

HunchBuzz—everywhere you are.

Keep on innovating!

The HunchBuzz Team