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HunchBuzz Available in Microsoft Teams

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16 July, 2019

This month we're very happy to announce the availability of HunchBuzz in Microsoft Teams. Microsoft Teams is a fast growing unified communications platform that combines chat, video meetings, file storage - and application integration. Organizations around the world are moving to Microsoft Teams to consolidate communications and access to corporate applications.

Managing the proliferation of apps is a challenge for any company and Microsoft Teams provides a one-stop place to provision, find and install apps.

HunchBuzz is now available in the Microsoft Teams store where users can add a tab for easy access to their organization's HunchBuzz platform, and see HunchBuzz activities in their Teams conversation tab.

Learn more about HunchBuzz integration with Microsoft Teams.


In other news…

…we also have a number of other features to make life just that little bit easier:

User features

Idea preview

In our May update we introduced Smart Search which includes a new idea preview panel. We've extended this capability to other areas in the app so you can view the main details of an idea at a glance without actually going to the idea page. You'll see this in the Journey board and search as well as the new idea wizard.

Redeemed rewards

The rewards store is a great way to incent users to contribute and engage regularly. Now when a user visits the rewards store they see a list of prizes that have been redeemed. We've also updated the admin rewards experience with a new report (see below).

Admin features

Home page configuration

You now have more flexibility about what to display on your home page. Under Admin->Settings->Design you can choose whether the activity steam and leaderboard are shown. Stay tuned for some more, super interesting, updates we have planned for the home page to make it a more compelling experience…

Mixed-Mode authentication

This is a big one. For SAML Single Sign-On (SSO) enabled platforms an organization controls access to HunchBuzz through their internal directory. This effectively lets the organization manage the authorization and authentication of users itself.

This is sufficient for most internal user scenarios but if, say, you have an SSO platform but want to invite Customer A and Partner B in to collaborate you need to add them to your directory - which probably means contacting IT…or now you can use Mixed-Mode Authentication (MMA).

More info in the Help Center

New reports

We've added more reports to the library. This month:

Polls report

The results of a poll can be viewed in a challenge itself by clicking on the poll, but this report consolidates all poll results across all challenges (learn more about polls):


Rewards report

The Rewards Report displays a consolidated view of all points awarded and redeemed across the platform (learn more about rewards):


Keep on innovating!

The HunchBuzz Team