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Product Update May 2019

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12 May, 2019

This month some new features that mark the start of our journey to provide artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities for our customers. Your HunchBuzz platform contains a plethora of information, ideas are the most obvious ones, but it also holds a myriad of contextual and sentiment based data from across your organization. Introducing Smart Search and Challenge Rules:

One of the main reasons you would use an Idea Management System is to build organizational memory over time. Any organization consists of three constituent groups – those that were there before, those active currently and those who will be in the future. The challenge is how to retain a collective “organizational memory” across an essentially transient population? How do you avoid the “we tried that before and it didn’t work” syndrome? HunchBuzz helps solve this problem by becoming a repository of ideas and, more importantly, the outcomes and discussions around those ideas.

Smart Search is the first step to fulfilling this promise. We've expanded the search scope across the entire platform and increased the performance to match. Type anything in the search box on the top right title bar and HunchBuzz will intelligently search ideas, challenges, and even people.


Secondly, when creating a new idea we now leverage Smart Search to make suggestions of similar ideas that might be related. You can preview these ideas to make sure you're not duplicating an existing idea before creating your new one:


Challenge Rules

Idea Stages are an important concept in HunchBuzz, they are custom defined stages that represent the horizontal movement of ideas through your business process flow. You create the stages, and until now ideas progressed through these stages by an admin explicity moving them. Now you can define Challenge Rules to set a criteria and threshold for ideas to move stages and the HunchBuzz Bot will automatically initiate the move. Here's some examples:

  • If an idea gets more than 50 votes in the "New Idea" stage move it automatically to the "Under Consideration" stage to bring it to the attention of admins.
  • If an idea is receiving a lot of attention move the idea to a special stage when the comment count exceeds 80.
  • If the number of reviews exceeds 10 or more than 50 comments then raise attention by moving to a "Must look at" stage.

Challenge rules are defined per challenge and you can create multiple rules per challenge. Look for the "Rules" button on the admin challenges page:


More info in the Help Center

Also this month:

Card design and flow

You'll notice a slightly updated card design cross HunchBuzz, the main difference being cards are now uniform in size fit nicely into a grid display.


Keep on innovating!

The HunchBuzz Team