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Sneak Preview - HunchBuzz Stream is Coming

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1 September, 2019

We're about to introduce some changes to the HunchBuzz user experience to provide a more dynamic view of platform activity. We've re-jigged some of the components on the main screen to help focus on the important things like new challenges, ideas and comments.

You'll see a big improvement in the feel of the app and a much simpler way to engage in the flow of ideas.

We want you, our HunchBuzz platform admins, to have a sneak preview of the new experience before we launch to all users. See below how to preview on your platform (or take a look at our demo site) - and give us your feedback.

We think you're going to like this update. If you want to share with your organization right away - let us know and we can turn the feature on for your platform before the general roll out later this month.

Activity stream

The activity stream is promoted to front and center position with the latest activity always at the top. You can also vote, comment and even create an idea directly from the HunchBuzz home page making it easier to have your say:



Don't worry, your challenges are still easily accessible on the left hand side and these links will take you to an unchanged Challenges page. And now, new challenges will pop-up in your stream automatically so you'll never miss out on what's going on!


How to preview

Simply add the string "/streampreview" to the end of your HunchBuzz URL.

For example if your platform name is "good-ideas" then enter:


…in your browser to see the new interface (you'll need to do this again if you navigate away from the homepage).

Give us your feedback

We want to know what you think so please give us your feedback as we make final tweaks and improvements before going out to the global HunchhBuzz community.

Keep on innovating!

The HunchBuzz Team