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Product Update

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6 April, 2020

It's a crazy time but we want you to know HunchBuzz is still here supporting your collaboration and innovation needs for a remote workforce. HunchBuzz is of course 100% in the cloud so it's business as "unusual" for us! A reminder if you need any help to get the most from HunchBuzz - maybe you need some assistance to get your people setup remotely - you can contact us anytime, we love to help.

Also this month, a few new product features:

Idea Images

We believe the use of images helps to illustrate ideas and create a more visually rich community, as well as being kinda fun. But you can now choose whether images are required or not when contributing an idea.

Learn more.

More Slack Integration

Many of our customers use Slack (as we do ourselves) and we've just added the ability to create ideas in HunchBuzz directly from a Slack channel using the "/newidea" command.

Learn more.

View Closed Challenges

You can now view closed challenges on the Journey Board. We've added a switch to the filter settings to allow the same Kan-ban card view of previous ideas and challenges that you see for current challenges.

Learn more.

Keep on innovating!

The HunchBuzz Team