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Product Update

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1 July, 2020

In this time of uncertainty it's been interesting to see the growth in remote working and the need, even through a global pandemic, to keep teams connected and collaborating effectively. We've seen a lot of interest in HunchBuzz as a way to capture ideas and innovation online, both standalone and also to complement other collaboration tools such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

Feel free to talk to us about getting the most from HunchBuzz with your remote workforce.

This month we have a few new product features centered on connecting HunchBuzz (and the ideas within) to your external systems:

Idea Summary Report

HunchBuzz is an idea collector and evaluator, a funnel for managing ideation and innovation. But at some stage the blue sky thinking is done and it's time to turn the idea into reality. This is where you transition from the creative phase to execution. To help with this we've created a way to generate a document artifact that encapsulates all the context around an idea:

Idea summary

This document is something you might save in your project management system or document library to maintain context between the original idea and the realization of that idea. Learn more.

Idea Connector

Similarly, when an idea has graduated from the realm of possibility to actuality you want to retain a view of the whole life-cycle from inception to delivery. We've added a new feature to connect from HunchBuzz to your external systems so anyone viewing an idea can follow it through to its conclusion.

For example all ideas in your final "implemented' stage could offer a link through to the next stage of the journey, whether it's your project management software or some other repository. Learn more.

Challenge Activity Report

The Challenge Activity report shows a detailed view of all challenge statistics including activity over time and, now, also a detailed view of who responded and how they interacted with the challenge. This also means you can see who hasn't responded to your challenge. Learn more.

challenge activity

Re-styled activity stream

You might have noticed the activity stream on both the home page and idea pages has a slightly new look to make the conversation flow more obvious. Just one of a number of small design changes we've made to make HunchBuzz a more enjoyable and intuitive experience. Activity stream

Keep on innovating!

The HunchBuzz Team