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Product Update

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1 March, 2022

This month we bring together a number of updates to help you navigate and manage your HunchBuzz community. Remember, if you have any feature ideas we'd love to hear them! We're all about making HunchBuzz better for everyone.

Improved challenge visibility

We've had customers request an easy way to see who has access to a challenge i.e. who might see the idea or comments a user contributes. So we've added some helpful links on the challenge page that shows the user who has access to the challenge, and a link to a list of those people who have responded already:

challenge view

Community activity report

The Community Activity report shows a detailed view of your community members' activity over time, across all challenges. See who has interacted (votes, reviews, comments) and when they were last active. Perhaps more importantly, you can also easily see who hasn't engaged during the reporting period.

Community Activity

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User management

It's now easier to perform bulk actions on users in the Admin user panel. Simply tick the checkbox next to a users name to select them. The permitted functions will appear at the top of the screen and be applied to all selected users: User mgmt

You can also now filter the user list on different user types for easy reference: User filter

Mixed-mode authentication (MMA) enhancements

MMA allows you to add and manage users via standard HunchBuzz authentication - a username and password - in a Single Sign-On (SSO) environment. This is useful for allowing engagement from external users or organizations.

To simplify external access we've added a setting to the Challenge wizard to explicity exclude all external users from a challenge.

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Keep on innovating!

The HunchBuzz Team